Sunday, May 2, 2010

year round clown (about mr clean, originally written in 8/08)

year round clown.

tell me your day.

when you wake in the morning.

does the sun shine through the cracks in your blinds?

do black curtains hang,

the non see through kind?

year round clown.

tell me your style.

do you wake in the morning

with a smudged painted on smile?

year round clown.

tell me this....

do you remember the last time

your lips tasted a kiss?

a kiss with such passion,

any love put behind it....

or were the lips made of candy,

and bullshit behind it???

does your happy music play looped....

in your happy clown suit....

do you blow up balloons,

and twist them into hats....

how 'bout if she asks,

would you do acrobats?

and she'll face you in bed,

softly touch your bald head....

as the paint washes away,

you'll want her to stay....

and her smile will fade,

just like the love that we made....

and it's then you will realize,

you've let another one down....

you can't continue to fake

who you are all year round....


Ms. Anthropy said...

Love it!

Marlene said...

Do you write this? This is amazing!

Ashley King said...

@Ms. Anthropy, why thank you!

@Marlene, yes ma'am, i did, back in 2008. Thank you very much for the compliment. I appreciate it very much.