Monday, May 31, 2010

beautiful, white russian. woot!

A big, huge thank you to Mr. Patrick Tillett over at "Extremely Overdue," which is just an extremely awesome blog, that if you are not already following, well you should.... but go back to his childhood stories.... you gotta go back into time with him.... he has had one hell of a life, and has boatloads of crazy, awesome, sad, and hilarious stories to tell. he is also an AMAZING photographer and posts pictures from all over.... he's just great. Go check him out!!!

And THEN, there is BayGirl32 from "What's the Story Morning Glory?" who kindly gave me this Beautiful Blogger award!!! She has stories of ALL kinds. I love her absolute honesty and she makes me laugh! Is it weird to not know someone in person but totally respect them anyway?? Because I definitely respect her for all that she is and does!! (she even stays up late studying!!!!) Go check her out!
The rules: pass the award on to 7 bloggers and write 7 things about myself that you did not know!

Let's see....

1. i produce my best results when i'm overworked and stressed out, however i don't like being overworked and stressed out.... but think that maybe i secretly do, because that is when i produce my best results.... in almost everything.... does that make sense?

2. i haven't ever had to go to jury duty. everyone says how much they hate jury duty. i sometimes think i might like it.... however, i have a hard time assuming innocence for many people once they've been arrested, which then leads to my assumption that i likely wouldn't be picked to be on a jury, but i still think it might be kinda cool....

3. in 2007, i came up with a business idea and a few weeks later came up with a business name.... wanted to share this business idea with my very best friend in the world (aka "boss").... the one whose friendship i lost because of mr clean. to this day, i think she still plans to go forward with the business (i don't know if she plans to use the name or not), but i woke up thinking about that this morning and i think it would bother me if she used the name that i picked. that sounds selfish, doesn't it?

4. i have a fairly large sized, orange and red koi fish tattooed down the left side of my rib cage with my daughter's name (in japanese) inside. it was actually just my daughter's name down my rib cage, and then a few years later i added the koi around it.... i also have 2 other tattoos, that are also in japanese.... i am a quarter japanese.... go figure.

5. even though i have duplicate checks (the kind that keep a carbon copy of the check you wrote), i usually STILL act surprised when the money's taken out of the account a week or so later.... i usually have forgotten about the check i had written by then, and somehow feel cheated when the money's gone. you'd think, by now, i would have stopped ordering checks....

6. i never know how to study for a quiz or test unless the professor tells me exactly how to do it.... i usually think i've got all the information i need for the test and then when i sit down to do it, i sit there looking at the questions like, "ummm, did they even GO OVER THIS?!?" and i think that's pretty much one of the worst feelings ever.....

7. i wish i could make money writing.... but i'm pretty sure i can't, so i'm going to school for Nursing and writing and making/drinking coffee for (money) and fun. =)

i'm supposed to pass this on to 7 bloggers.... Forgive me for postponing this one for JUST a bit.... i'm going to have to sit on this one for a few.... but i WILL! =)

Thank you again Pat and BayGirl!!! They are very much appreciated!!!!

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John McElveen said...

Nursing is NOBLE and Oh so rewarding!!!!!!

Beat of everything in your Studies!!


Word verification--is adgers---you will be taking care of them...they are us all! LOL